How to set up a successful Instagram account (a weekly diary of new account @byebye925)

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So I’ve become a bit fixated on Instagram. I love posting. I love browsing. But my pictures really can’t compete. I don’t travel enough, my coffee is usually instant and our garden is too small to grow fresh flowers. BUT I do love other people’s pictures. And I love reading about alternative ways of working – how to escape the office 9-5. So I have decided to set up a curated (also known as feature) account. It’s not launched yet, and I’ve a lot to learn. So I thought I’d set up a weekly diary to chart my progress – and hopefully get some help along the way. Please send your thoughts and comments – and tag your pictures #byebye925

Monday 29 August – following 241 followers 82 posts 18

So it’s ticking along but I’m not being able to post every day – mainly as people don’t always get back to me but we are growing slowly and I’m loving looking at all the great pictures (and am feeling very jealous of all those #remoteworkers!). One follower noted that Skippr isn’t great for reposting as it can affect the quality of the pictures. Am not sure if this is true but would love to get rid of the repost strap on each image. Which app to use though?

Monday 22 August – following 218 followers 76 posts 13

I’ve been away for a few weeks (not great timing when you’re launching a new site) but have managed to upload 13 images and people are starting to take notice. Ideally I’ll do this every day, but the main challenge is finding great images and also getting permission to use them, which takes time. I’m also keen to include the story behind the image as there are so many inspirational flexible workers out there. Digital nomad is a term I have only just become aware of!

Monday 1 August – following 136 followers 28 posts 1

SO WE’VE LAUNCHED! First REPOST went live at midday and we already have 6 likes. Our first non 9-5er is @mylevision from Germany, sunning himself on a beach. That sounds like a good work/life balance to me. Now the biggest challenge is to build momentum and keep going finding great posts. Do tag your pictures and hopefully I’ll be featuring you soon!

Monday 25 July – following 96 followers 14 posts 0

With only a week to go before I, er officially launch, I’ve been trying to find people to follow and also work out how you repost other people’s pictures without annoying them. I’ve downloaded Shuttr which @underwater pig recommended (see my article on tips for feature accounts). I’ve also done a poster post on Twitter, and pinned my call out to my Twitter page, so hoping that may raise awareness. Other than that, come Monday, I’m just going to have to get on with it. Wish me luck!

Monday 18 July 2016 – following 41 followers 9 posts 0

So I’ve been doing a lot of research about how to run successful Instagram accounts – the main thing is you have to have high quality, focused images, and post regularly. Thanks to all the bloggers who are passing on advice. I think having a launch date might help, so I’m going to launch on 1 August – so start getting your summer flexible working snaps uploaded with #byebye925. This week is all about getting more followers and raising awareness.

Mon 11 July 2016 – following 0 followers 0 posts 0

Set set up the account @byebye925 and have linked it to my main brand account @panoramaroad. So far it is looking surprisingly empty. According to the experts I need to pick a launch date, start following other users and following like-minded people. So that’s what I’m focusing on this week…



Do you run a successful Instagram account? What should I be doing to grow a following?


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