Five life hacks for working parents


Nothing wrong with a bit of TV (mummy’s little helper) if you really need to get stuff done…

  1. Get organised

Always arguing about who gets to go out on a Friday night or who has to do parents’ evening? Stop wasting time texting and emailing and get a system that works. the A shared Google calendar allows you to both add work events, school commitments, social events so everyone can see what’s happening. It doesn’t have to be Google, you can use paper calendars or cheap nfl jerseys an app such as Trello that allows you to assign tasks. Even a chalkboard is better than nothing – as long as you have a system.

  1. Cheat

There is never enough time in the day, so don’t kill yourself trying to do everything from scratch. Especially when no-one will be any the wiser. Buy cup cakes for the school fair (decorate them yourself if you must). Recycle unwanted gifts for the Christmas raffle and have a present drawer for kids’ birthdays. Dress all your kids the same for World Book Day.

  1. Delegate

You can’t do everything so stop trying. Delegate chores so you know what you are each cheap nba jerseys responsible for – there’s no point in doubling up. Car insurance, house insurance, weekly food shops, homework. Make sure you divide cheap jerseys up the all the admin and general tasks that need doing (even if that’s booking nights of a holiday) and factor them into your own schedules.

  1. Get help

Say yes to every offer of help (as long as you’re prepared to reciprocate). Say yes to someone picking your child up, babysitting, lending you a fancy dress outfit, shoes for a family wedding – whatever you need. Make the most of your network. Do the same in return and everything truly becomes half as less hassle. Just don’t be afraid to ask.

  1.  Invest in tech

Find your own timesaving gadgets. Get yourself a Hooverbot to save time vacuuming, invest in a slow cooker so you can come home to Facebook a cooked dinner, use a tumble dryer or if you prefer, a heated airer that dries clothes overnight (without clogging here up Yavapai your radiators). If you can afford it get a cleaner or invest in products that make cleaning wholesale mlb jerseys quick (such as Flash Magic Erasers).



  1. July 16, 2016 / 8:46 am

    I love this …some great ideas …we always put so much pressure on ourselves to be something we really don’t need to be ….thanks for the tips x

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