What makes a really great book club?


There’s something missing from this picture. Actually a few things. Hint, you put all of them in your mouth. The other things are not actually things but people.

About parents a year Ophalen ago I joined a book club. It was a start-up book club rather than an established one, and something I would have balked wholesale NBA jerseys at a few years ago. But this seemed relatively pain free. A group of interesting women, not talking about children, a reason to start reading again, and wine.

So we started. And we expanded and now we have a group of similar but different women with completely different ideas about life and books who meet every six weeks or so to drink wine (that’s one), eat great food (that’s the other) and talk about something that doesn’t involve the school run, or the team meeting, or the weekly shop.

So what does make a great book club?

  1. Choosing like-minded people

    The group sunset! needs to gel but also needs a range of personalities to work. If everyone is too similar there’s no debate, but too different and there’s no common ground. Try to avoid cliques or too many people who have kids in the same school so there’s no opportunity for closed conversations.

  2. Not meeting TOO often

    Everyone’s busy and there’s nothing worse than feeling SA3D stressed about finishing a book. Give everyone enough time to read the book without feeling like it’s homework, and always plan the next date when everyone is Conference together so everyone can make it. Every six to eight weeks seems to work – you can always bring them forward.

  3. Having enough wine

    Goes without saying that getting a group of women together with some wine will always result in animated conversation. Make sure everyone brings a bottle so no-one has to provide all the booze, but also wholesale MLB jerseys make sure you have tea and coffee for people who can’t face hangovers on a school night. (Meeting on a non-school night is always better).

  4. Sharing the load

    Take it in turns to host – that way everyone gets a night they don’t have to find a babysitter, and gets wholesale jerseys to stay at home. It also means you only have to worry about the state of the house, or what food you’ve got in a few times a year. Plus we all love snooping in other people’s places. It’s like going out, without actually having to be out.

  5. Providing more than Pringles

    One of the best things about book club (especially if you have kids) is that you don’t have to cook and you can skip out of bedtime. So if it’s your turn to host, be a little inventive – add a few canapes or some nice olives. A nice cake or some cheese and biscuits. People are always urinary happier on a full stomach.

  6. Choosing the right books

    There has to be a mix of classics, modern fiction, biographies and perhaps even short stories. If you let one genre dominate the club becomes dull, and the same people tend to contribute. It helps if everyone pitches a book too so you get a wide range to choose from. Don’t pick anything that you know will be a struggle. Oh and everyone gets a veto. No-one needs to spend precious time reading something they hate, or have read before.

Do you have a book club? What makes it great? And what breaks it?


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  1. May 10, 2016 / 4:13 pm

    I love reading but have never fancied joining a book club. It sounds like you have it all worked out though. It sounds really fun! Maybe I’ll think about joining/starting one 🙂

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