When should you take redundancy?


Is redundancy a total tragedy or a cause for celebration?

“Grab everything you can,” shouted my editor. “And make any long distance calls before they turn working off the phones.”

The first time it happened it was pretty exciting. I was still in my 20s (very just), and was for a small news agency in Old Street. A small team, we’d kept the place going knowing we were heading for administration, knowing the day we walked out the company would be bust anyway. As it happened, it still went under. We went and got drunk. We got a bit of money from the government, slept on some floors (well I did) and got other jobs.

But that was in my 20s. The second time I cheap nba jerseys was in my 30s.  I already had one child, I’d been at Soothing the company eight years and was about to have my second. They were moving everyone to Manchester, everyone was going. My salary wouldn’t have covered cheap nba jerseys the childcare for two, it was a no-brainer. Slightly scarier – this was the BBC I 痩身は生計の一部?私の経験から、思ったことをまとめてみました。私の今の生計は痩身を中心に進んでいるといっても過言ではない現状があります was leaving, but still, I was going to be off anyway, why not take the money.

The third time is different. It’s still good money, but I’m not 20. I’m not 40s? having any more kids. I’m back in Asyal? the workplace and making it work – like Favours all working mums, it’s hard, but I knew I needed to go back, I had a few years off, some freelancing but I wanted to go back – I wasn’t finished yet.

So this time is different. But the money is good, considering how long I’ve been there. But it works. I’m four days a week. I get to take my kids to school most days and can get home for 6pm. Sure I What do the odd email in the evenings, but that’s fine.

But there is STILL a bit or me thinking I should Yours take the money. I like my job cheap jerseys but I don’t love it. I love the variety of being at work, but it’s not necessarily my dream job, though it’s a very interesting place to work.

Would I do it if I were younger? Am I worried I’ll never work again, being one of the oldies at 42? Would I do it if I had a plan? My problem is I can’t find a plan that pays any money much as I’d love to work more flexibly. It feels strange not taking the money and running. Is it the economy? Is it age? Is it children? Or have I simply lost my nerve, and my imagination?

Have you taken voluntary redundancy when you’re a little bit older? What did you do next?


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  1. Roni
    May 28, 2016 / 11:54 am

    You’re right. It’s definitely easier to take a risk in your 20s. Or at least be more cavalier about finding another job. As your salary expectations increase to cover child care etc there are less and less roles available – especially those with flexibility to work part-time or from home. Sounds like you’ve got an interesting role and 4 days a week is cushy. Smart move to stay I reckon. As long as non-voluntary redundancy isn’t round the corner.

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