Working from home, but everybody’s sick

This week was supposed to be the start of the new regime – so what went wrong?

So here’s one thing I planned for 9 January, life changes. The youngest starts nursery which means all three boys will be in the system, and out of the house without me having to pay for childcare. That means start of new life of earning money that I can actually keep.

Here’s one thing I didn’t. Also on 9 January other children all fall ill – (sore throats, sore mouths, chickenpox, flu). So day one, eldest child at home AND partner due to tube strike. Day two, eldest child at home. Day three, middle child become sick and stays at home, oldest struggles to school, partner also ill and in bed. Day four, oldest has a relapse and stays at home as does partner.

The littlest hobo

The only person out of the house reliably is the three year old, for three hours a day. So how does working from home work, when there are ill people in the house? Well the good thing is that sick children are a little less shouty than well children, but there’s still a constant Mum from each floor of the house, for channel changes, snacks, hurty mouths (keep your lips together then) hurty throats (TAKE the CALPOL!!) – what is it with children and medication and rashes (honestly, I’m not trying to kill you, the cream will help).

So I’ve been left feeling rather unhinged. The plan was this week to study hard for an exam I have next week, at which point everything will become a bit easier (providing I pass the damn thing).  I’m still managing to get a bit of time in the study while ill children are sleeping or watching TV, but I’m not really achieving much and am feeling a bit like, this is my time in the house, why are you ALL HERE?

The future WILL come

I’ve got diaries, planners, lists of all the great things I’m going to achieve, spreadsheets of earnings and outgoings, but in reality I’m still pretty much in the same place I was at the beginning of the year. Sitting among piles of washing and CHILDREN.

So, today has been the first day of the rest of my life (although partner is still in the house, ill but still monitoring). And what does it feel like to be given three free hours to do with as I please? Wel I went to a school meeting about maths, but next week that will all change and I honestly cannot wait. I’m dreaming of the future of work (without childcare) three days a week while the little one does full days, and time with him to be a perfect arty crafty mum the other two afternoons.

All this will of course seamlessly lead into easier less shouty tea times and bedtimes and a more organised and financially successful work life. Right?



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  1. January 13, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    Aw I hope they feel better soon. And I hop you get through th things on your list of to-dos

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