How do people leave the rat race?


So as you know, this blog is all about how to balance kids and a career. How find fulfilling work that makes you happy but also that enables you to be around for when your kids get home, or allows you to take extra time off in the holidays.

Many mums have done this by setting up their own businesses – but in effect this means working three times as hard running a household, looking after children and working into the early hours to get things off the ground (though the long term gains I assume are worth it).

Others of us work part time, or reduced hours, or only during term time. Mostly it all equates to the same thing – racing from home,  to childminders or after-school clubs and often having to catch up work at home.

So what does trigger the decision to work flexibly? Whether that’s freelance or starting a new businesses – when do you know it’s the right time?  And is it financially viable? Is there even any career progression if you work for yourself? Does it matter? It’s the white elephant in the room that many people who choose to work flexibly or from home, often rely on a partner to keep the household afloat financially. There are hundreds of issues to consider.


Which is why we’re LAUNCHING A NEW SERIES later this month – telling the stories of parents who have done it – people who have changed the way they work and live and are happier for it. We’ll ask some probing questions and hopefully their stories will inspire others to find their own paths to a happier work/life balance.

Do you work flexibly? Do you have a story you’d love to share? A new business you’d love to showcase? A brilliant work/life balance? Then email me I’d love to hear from you.



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